I’m so proud of what Savvy Social accomplished in 2021! I officially branded into Savvy Social at the end of 2019, and while 2020 was a year of throwing things at the wall and seeing what sticks, 2021 has really helped cement what Savvy Social offers its clients and the potential growth we have for 2022.


At the beginning of the year, I made it a goal to host at least one workshop a month and although that goal changed halfway through the year I ended up doing 5 free workshops on Instagram and How To Create a Social Media Plan. This year we hit a huge revenue milestone and had two months with more than $10,000 in revenue. Not only did we experience growth with our clients, but also our team! We were able to hire our first intern (shout out to Riley!) who was an incredible asset, as well as our first team members. (Layla, Lewis, and Kelley you rock!) They have really helped take our client work to the next level. My goal for 2022 is to bring on someone either full-time or part-time and continue to welcome quarterly interns.

Live Events

Extremely unexpected this year, was the number of live events we executed social media for. Two large tennis events, including an ATP 250 – the San Diego Open, and World TeamTennis 2021 season. Both were amazing opportunities where we got to take over their social media platforms for two to three weeks and help these events come alive online. And what a success. The San Diego Open hosted a sold-out event, with social media growth most brands dream of. From zero to 3,000 followers in less than 2 weeks. While World TeamTennis made it on ESPN SportsCenter Top 10 twice thanks to strategically shared posts on Twitter.


This year I hired a business coach, who helped me finalize my services and prices into place. I learned how to properly price myself for the market and really see how much potential growth is still out there.

I also learned what type of client is NOT right for me and how to recognize those signs before signing a contract. Which speaking of, our contracts have also evolved a ton. As a freelancer or agency, I highly recommend including an indemnity clause and communication boundaries so you don’t get wrapped into daily meetings without providing an hourly rate for additional calls.

I continued to meet with a therapist at least every other month, and still strongly believe whether you are a business owner or not everyone should go to therapy.


In-person networking came back for 2021! And I was able to find an amazing weekly referral group through TEAM. Not only does this group focus on referrals for one another, but has helped me step into the role as a business owner and practice my 1-minute commercial on a weekly basis. If you have ever frozen when someone asked you what you do – you know what I mean.

2022 here we come!

Next year, I’m heading to another live event in January covering the PGA show for a client and definitely want to add live event coverage as one of our staples for 2022! As well as host our first paid workshop, focus on providing more one-off strategies and double our revenue. Thanks for following along and supporting my journey!

Cheers to 2022,

Amy Checho

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  1. Congratulations, Amy ! You have been working so hard and I’m so happy it is all paying off. I know it’s only the beginning and I wish you continued success. I’m glad that you mentioned Team for in person networking -I have also been a member of a Team Chapter for a few years and it has been amazing for my business as well.

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